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King Oyster Growing Bag

King Oyster Growing Bag

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Oyster Mushrooms Growing Instruction

What we need

1. Oyster log: weight 1.00-1.20 kg, long 21cm, it is consist of sawdust, rice bran and spawn.

2. Light: avoid sunlight, indoor nature light is fine.

3. Temperature: 16-20 degrees range.

4. Humidity: 80-90.

5. Place:ventilation.

6. A bucket: big enough which the oyster mushroom log grows inside.

7. A towel.

Please ensure that you read through these instructions thoroughly before beginning your mushroom growing.

A bathroom or laundry is a great spot to grow oyster. Oyster mushroom will grow best where the humidity level is very high.

Use knife to cut off the top of the bag and leaving approx. 2 cm long of plastic around the edge.

Place the oyster log in a bucket, spray clean water with a spray bottle on its surface.

Use a wet towel cover 4/5 of bucket top. This will help to increase the humidity inside the Bucket.

It takes 5-10 days to grow up.

Spray water 1-2 times on oyster log dairy and keep towel wet all the time.

Harvest Remove oyster mushrooms by cutting at the bottom of the stem when they are 5cm 8cm or even bigger. Clean the oyster bag surface.

Leave the oyster log without watering for around 2 weeks, this will give the log a rest and gather more nutrients for regrowing.

Repeat step4 to step9 for another flush.

Each oyster log has the potential to produce up to 400g of fresh oyster mushroom. It
will grow in 2-3 flushes over a period of 6-8 weeks.

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